a colourful Storm...

Last month I got the chance to meet Storm for the first time. The brand wasn't one I was familiar with or had come across before so I was interested to see what it was all about. Their press day featured a large and varied sprawl of watches, jewelry, and handbags in a variety of shapes and colours. Described as the sort of pieces you can mix and match with your wardrobe, they've surely got something for everyone. Personally, unless it comes in the form of real diamonds, I'd rather not have any daft bling attached to my wrist so I'd steer clear of the glitzy encrusted numbers on offer. My favourites were the sci-fi sports inspired pieces that looked as if they could have fallen straight out of a 007 movie. The monochromatic oversized mens watches were straight up my alley. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised by their line of handbags and, more specifically, a certain sweet little teal bucket bag that had just the right amount of vintage quality about it.

View the entire Storm collection here.

Thanks Catherine and Chase PR for inviting me down. Also, thanks to Jill for modeling her gorgeous pink watch in the first image.