a buttery shaped hole.

On a recent trip up to my attic, made in the attempt to bring down some proper winter gear, I discovered I have way too many coats. Single breasted, double breasted, toggle, pea, parka, army, waterproof, ski, puffer... I was strongly advised by my forlorn husband that I'd better not bring them all down into our little flat. There isn't enough room to fit them all plus my own head... Victorian property developers really should have thought ahead. This twice yearly exercise of swapping out the Spring for the Autumn clothing brought one important thing to my attention - there is a gap in my overstuffed wardrobe, a pulsating gap in the shape of the perfect leather jacket.

Then, I remembered... Clemency London. At London Fashion Week I attended their presentation and they had the most gorgeous, buttery soft, leather jacket. It was worn by a stunning model in white but my heart was firmly set on the black version as soon as I caught sight of it. Slightly distressed with almost graphic architectural stitching - this piece was irresistibly cool without looking too mainstream or cliche... plus, the leather was so soft I literally wanted to crawl up into it and never leave. Not only that, the whole collection looked amazing and was uniquely displayed through the photography and video shot by Rankin - an inspiration in itself.