A box of secrets.

The sun decided to tuck behind some heavy clouds this morning as I made the short walk over to MYKITA.  As soon as I scooted through the front door I was greeted by 'ooohs', 'ahhs' and lots of giddy excitement. It seems a small tour bus of Italians had landed smack in the middle of the coolest sunglass shop in Zurich and they were going slightly mental over the quirky frames. I sat for a few minutes at the counter, sipping a yummy coffee while taking in the madness. The manager was chatting away to everyone while they each grabbed frame after frame from the customized shelving that wraps the entire back wall of the shop. Then, in a flash, everybody was out and it was perfectly calm and still.

MYKITA might sound familiar... possibly because I wrote about them once before or because their receiving an increasingly impressive number of celebrity followers (Lady Gaga and Will.I.Am rate among their fans). They're only eight years old and already, besides having a solidly impressive main collection, have also done a number of top notch collaborations. If you've ever found yourself drooling over a pair of specs at a runway show chances are they were by Berlin based MYKITA.

There's nothing ordinary about this brand. All aspects of the company are based in the heart of Berlin where each pair of glasses is handmade. They all seem to have a unique story behind their design and creation. From yellow aviator styles that come with nail polish in an identical shade to limited edition hand painted pairs with various skylines that were first presented in an exhibition at the Guggenheim. Spending time in MYKITA feels like you are constantly uncovering new secrets. If I was lucky enough to own a pair of these sunglasses even a rainy weekend would struggle to keep them off my face.