if only it were my wardrobe...

Just over four years old, My-Wardrobe has already established itself as one of the leading UK contemporary etailers and aims to provide accessible designer fashion. I first heard of the brand about a year ago when one of my friends purchased a gorgeous D&G green bowler bag in their sale. At the time she was only 19 and was working in a high-street shop and this, I think, points out the genius behind the site. While there are plenty of lust worthy items that sit just below the thousand pound mark most of the clothing and accessories that they stock are much more reasonably priced. Instead of looking on with no hope of ever being able to actually purchase the items in my shopping bag, like at Net-a-Porter, I'm actually left thinking that maybe if I found something really special I could actually save up for it. Mixed in between the quirkiest Rayban shades and Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry sit off beat and hardly known Swedish brands and staples like American Retro and Splendid. It really is a gem of an online boutique. After spending an afternoon at their showroom in London on Friday I was only reaffirmed of this.

Sam Edelman.

Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses - A slightly more tame Wang and officially added to my wish list.

This Supertrash body is currently in the sale but I couldn't resist showing it to you because it's just so beautiful and totally puts every other boring tight fitting cotton version to shame - the king of all bodies, I'd say.

I hadn't heard of Olivia Rubin before but I officially want to wear nothing other than her little dresses from now on (when I'm not wearing my new diy jean shorts of course). The shapes are so simple and clean yet the fabric and cut is divine. The images don't do these dresses justice. They are gorgeous in real life.

An Orvin oversized cape shirt. Another brand I hadn't heard of and very quickly fell in love with. The fabric and print is so ethereal - like smoke rising from a crushed flame. Also currently in the sale.

Timex 80 Pink Watch. I don't normally wear a watch but I'd consider changing that for this cute little plastic beauty.
And finally: Susie. She was kind enough to invite me along to the showroom and was so much fun to spend the afternoon with. We bonded over our past love of Lindsay Lohan back in the Mean Girls days and lamented her notorious fall from teenage celebrity grace. Susie was totally inspiring and so enthusiastic about her job. She was honest enough to admit when there were pieces she wasn't too crazy about and all the while her genuine demeanor made me love the company as a whole increasingly more. It really is the people behind a brand that have the power to make it successful and, if Susie is anything to go by, My-Wardrobe is a total winner.
p.s. I can't remember the brands for all the shoes but I'll find out incase anyone is curious...