The Topshop Unique show was a bit of a beast. Held at the Tate, it was like a massive circus. Paparazzi and fashion fans were there in the hoards.

The venue was heaving and the drinks reception held beforehand was swamped with people. I trotted off to my seat early on just so that I could escape the madness. Trying to get memory cards and cameras situated when you're sat amongst blogging royalty is a bit of an overwhelming endeavor. 

Thankfully, when the show finally started, the collection was breathtaking. I loved the fresh yellow hues and massive faux furs. There was personalization to the pieces, the first look below is embroidered with text along the chest of the roll neck. The knits were thick and chunky. Leather harnesses wrapped around the body in rich orange shades. Some of the models had fake tattoos emblazoned across their arms in bright shades of blue. The coats fused practicality and nonsense by incorporating waterproof hoods. The prints were bold and championed bird motifs.  The collection finished off with one of the most beautiful sequined dresses I've ever seen.

Top of my wish list for next autumn winter though is, undoubtedly, the yellow sweatshirt with faux fur neckpiece. That's got my name written all over it...

Jennifer Inglis1 Comment