The Acne Hoodie

Regardless of how many things come in and out of fashion there are some items I will always love. It might not be that chic or exciting but I'm a sucker for a good hoodie. 

When I came across this one from Acne my heart did a little happy flip. It comes in the perfect shade of melange grey (my absolute favourite), has a silk lined hood and extra long sleeves. Instead of buying trendy items, I'm trying to invest in good quality pieces that I'll wear over and over again. Spending 250 euros on a sweatshirt might seem a little nutso but I've gotten to the stage where I'd rather have a few pieces that I really love instead of a closet full of clothes I don't really like. I'm pretty sure if I had this little baby I'd be wearing it all the time. Cross your fingers with me that it goes on sale so that I can pick it up later this month in Stockholm.

How about you? What sort of pieces would you be willing to splash out on?