Go ahead, call me a massive fashion victim. I'm pretty sure there's no way I can deny it now.

When I decided to wear socks and sandals out this weekend I thought I was channeling Miranda Kerr's September Vogue editorial. But I just looked at those photos again and, while she is wearing Birkenstocks, she doesn't have on any socks. Oops. I guess I missed the mark on that one. I'm not sure why the idea of wearing socks and sandals crept up in my mind as being a good idea. Ugly sandals are the look de rigueur at the moment so I suppose it only seems logical to take it a step further and make them even more hideous by wearing them with socks.

It's January and I somehow managed to go out of the house with bare legs. While it has been pretty mild lately I'm not going to lie and tell you I wore this on a warm day. It was 3 degrees. Obviously I got a few strange looks but, oddly enough, I wasn't actually that cold. It's amazing how little heat you lose from your legs. I think the huge thick knit helped. Anyway, tell me what you think, are socks and sandals a go or will you leave the look to fuddy-duddy tourists?

Wearing: Quiksilver coat, Weekday knit, & Other Stories bag, Zara skirt, Mykita glasses and Birkenstocks.

Jennifer Inglis22 Comments