Unfortunately I've only ever really seen it at Scottish weddings and fashion week. Why is it that a man wearing a skirt is still such a cliche in North America and Europe? Marc Jacobs comes to mind as one of the most notable men to have sported the skirt. But even so, most men aren't following suit.

Surely it isn't the easiest look to pull off or the simplest item to come by. You won't find skirts in the mens section of any high street shops, that's for sure. Even the LN-CC, which is one of the most progressive boutiques, doesn't stock any men's skirts. They do have one Ann Deeulemeester apron but it's already sold out.

A man in a skirt can be a very good look. I'm not sure how a man comes to wear his first skirt though... is it a monumental life changing moment? A friend of mine wore a skirt on a trip to Antwerp once and I remember him telling me that people were literally scowling at him on the street. Surely some cities are more willing to embrace the look than others. All this to say, I pretty much love everything about this guys look. The red leather biker jacket paired with the matching plaid jumper. The massively oversized black scarf. I'd wear this outfit head-to-toe. Minus the beard of course. 

So where do you weigh in on the skirt issue? If you're a guy, would you wear one? If you're a girl, would you go for a guy that did or be happy if your man decided to wear one? 

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