Luxury with an edge

For some reason, when I received my invitation to the Pringle of Scotland show during London Fashion Week, I was really excited.

Pringle isn’t a brand I’m super familar with. Of course the name rings a bell, it channels a sophistication and a certain class. Turns out that Grace Kelly has been a fan since the 1950s, so it makes sense that I might be drawn to the company, right?

When I arrived at the show venue I was blown over. It was my first time going to a salon show, where you sit at little tables with breakfast and watch the show. Seriously, it was decadence taken to a whole other level. I sipped coffee, nibbled on delicious treats and watched beautiful clothes on even more beautiful people saunter by. I was pinching myself. The whole experience of attending the show was incredible.

Needless to say, the collection was amazing. Literally I wanted to wear just about every single look from head-to-toe. In a world where I am far more chic, I’d opt for heels like the models wore... but in reality I’d pair every outfit with a pair of slip on Vans and be good to go. 

Pringle was founded in 1815 and first started out producing hosiery and underwear. Today they’ve moved into the luxury arena and are knocking the ball out of the park with their new 3D printed knitwear designed alongside architect and material scientist Richard Beckett. My favourite items included the slouchy jumpers and trousers combinations plus a little black dress with white fringe detailing along the bottom hem. The return of the Pringle of Scotland lion emblem secured a serious soft spot in my heart as it gave homage to the brands long history without being too ostentatious. A white polo shirt, made from 100% silk, had my heart beating fast and, in general, I loved the mix of laid-back separates paired with more refined silhouettes. 

In my dream world, I’m a Pringle girl through and through. 

Photos taken at the Pringle of Scotland AW14 show.

Pringle of Scotland AW14