Remember a couple of years ago when we discussed the future of street style?

Well I'm glad the trend for erecting studios outside of fashion shows didn't catch on - I much prefer the stone buildings that make up Somerset House. 

These are just a few shots from London Fashion Week that I took back in September. I've noticed that I'm most drawn to people with unusual style and boys with gold chains. I like people who are a little quirky, don't take themselves too seriously or come decked out in trends. Too many street style photographers chase famous faces and 'it' bags.

That's not my thing.

Despite the aggression directed towards street style photographers at fashion week it's still something I like taking part in. I try to avoid the scrambles that take place around editors and instead focus on people who aren't 'street style stars'. I feel like the same faces pop up on every street style blog and that's a bit boring. So here's to hoping I can add a bit of variety to the mix.

Photos by Jennifer Inglis

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