KTZ ss14

You don't have to look at the schedule to know which day KTZ are showing at London Fashion Week because the courtyard of Somerset House will undoubtedly be covered in members of their massive cult following. You can spot their tribe from a mile away - they are severe and uncompromising on their affiliation with the brand.

The spring 2014 show was inspired by Marjan Pejoski and co-designer Sasko Bezovski’s travels to North Africa.

Models were weighed down by heaps of traditional style Berber jewelry. This heaviness was contrasted by a medley of soft flowing fabrics covered in stark geometric prints and pretty florals. The collection offered an amalgamation of ideas but everything flowed from a tribal and nomadic core. The extreme urban aesthetic clashed with indigenous silhouettes creating a vibe that is unique to KTZ. 

The surrealism and exaggeration were what drew me to the collection. Some of the models looked as though they were part of a futuristic society - one locked down by symbols and tradition. Torn between the desire to conceal one's own image and, on the other hand, exploit it. My favourite look, and probably the only one I'd wear directly from the catwalk, was the fourth. It featured a simple straight black dress that hits above the knee. Covered in large white geometric shapes, the pieces fit together like the parts of a puzzle. When paired with shoes boasting a similar pattern, the outfit is both simple and directional - exactly how I like it. 

Photos by Jennifer Inglis. As always, click the images to enlarge. 

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