Jelly Fish

Clearly I'm fighting the arrival of autumn.

It has been raining non-stop today and it's freezing cold outside. But, I just got back from California where it was absolutely boiling and tomorrow I'm headed off to the south of France for a long weekend. By keeping myself in warm climates I'm warding off the arrival of knitwear and closed toed shoes.

Maybe this is why I've been so drawn to jelly fish lately? 

It's a strange thing to be fascinated by but I realized recently that one of my Pinterest boards had become completed inundated by the transparent little monsters. I love the variation in their colour from creamy white to icy blue and bright fluorescents. They look like little aliens floating through space. It's hard to imagine they can grow larger than the size of a person. How cool and creepy would it be to swim next to one? For now, I think I'll just admire them from afar.

Images from a selection on Pinterest

Jelly fish
Jelly fish
Jelly fish
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