Surviving fashion week

Fashion week is a killer, as you might know. It's an adrenaline fueled nut ride.

When I was in London, I was in one of my favorite cities in the world, with some of my favorite people, eating amazing food (cough, McDonalds) in glorious locations (cough, my hotel bed at the Fielding Hotel).

It's addictive though. There's beautiful clothes flowing everywhere you look, incredible people to meet and nights that go on far too late - even if it's just because your new ear piercing won't stop throbbing. 

But fashion week has a darker side. 

The glitz and glamour comes at a price. Whether it's the price of a venue, a model, or even just the pair of trousers you choose to wear. Every up has a down. For me, fashion week was a massive up. I got treated to the Amex Insiders experience, which meant I got to attend the Mary Katrantzou show, and get whisked away to the airport in a plush leather Addison Lee Cab. I got given an iPhone 5c as part of the Sing It Kitty campaign and, to be honest, it's the nicest phone I've ever used.

But the price I paid was my health. An ear piercing on one of my first days of arriving led to a spiral of not sleeping enough and exhaustion. I had to come back to Zurich just to mellow out and reconnect with the normal world. You know, where people ride bikes to work and keep leftover salami in tupperware in their fridge. I lost a bunch of weight, which seems like a plus, as I was training so hard before going to fashion week (10miles runs anyone?) but actually it's extremely unhealthy. 

So how did I survive fashion week in the end? 

With the help of a strong support network around me.

Make sure you've got yours. They are priceless. 

Ganni coat and top, Zara trousers, RODTNES bag, iPhone 5c

Ganni coat and top,  RODTNES fold over purse, iPhone 5c, American Apparel 't-shirt' nail polish 

Ganni coat, Zara trousers, RODTNES fold over purse, American Apparel 't-shirt' nail polish 

Jennifer Inglis in Ganni AW14 coat

Wearing: Ganni AW14 top and coat (available at Atterley Road). Zara pleather trousers. Vans checkerboard sneakersAnn-Sofie Back ring. Rodtnes fold over purseAmerican Apparel T-shirt nail polish. 

Photos by the Kat. Taken outside the Re Present showroom at LFW