I don't know how you feel but I'm tired of hearing about pink.

If one more person mentions a pink coat I swear I'm going to punch them in the face. It wasn't until after I had left the flat this morning that I looked down and realized I was wearing that god-awful shade that everyone won't stop talking about. Oops. I guess I've subconsciously fallen for the trend. 

For some reason I'm drawn to derelict backgrounds for photos. I love the mishmash of blues on these shabby doors. The paint is peeling and grey dirty is creeping in. Never mind, I much prefer that to the pristine.

I'm currently hanging out in the south of France soaking in the fleeting summer. Refusing to wear jeans or put on socks, the hot weather is a welcome break for the icy weather that was creeping in back home. Casual basics is my look du jour and I'm especially loving this new jumper I snatched up from River Island when I was in London. It's slightly asymmetric with exposed seams and super long arms - perfect for helping me transition to autumn.

Wearing: River Island jumper, H&M shorts, Next shoes, Rayban sunglasses.

Light pink jumper on Jennifer Inglis
Light pink jumper on Jennifer Inglis
Jennifer Inglis
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