I was invited out to Stockholm for eBay’s autumn/winter advertising shoot. Yeah, I was surprised at first too… eBay do advertising shoots? From the pages of Vogue to the walls of the underground – I remember seeing the images from last year everywhere. I wasn’t really sure what they were all about though. Turns out there’s a little outlet tucked within the pages of eBay that offers new products from high street brands at up to 70% off – this is the direction that eBay are moving. Don’t worry, they wont be getting rid of 99p vintage bargains anytime soon. It’s just an addition to what they have already become known and loved for. Sara Dunn did the most incredible job at styling the shoot. Why do I always think I need to buy brand new pieces from designer shops to create great outfits? She used last season’s pieces and still managed to create inspiring looks. Besides just playing with all the accessories, I also presented a behind the scenes video that will be available to view later this month…

Massive thank you to Rachel for inviting me out and Daniel for being the ultimate chef.

Flowers in Stockholm
Hotel Diplomat bike in Stockholm
eBay shoot
eBay shoot hair and makeup
eBay shoot behind the scenes
Shoes and chandelier at the eBay shoot
Sara Dunn and assistant at the eBay shoot
Photographer and model at the eBay shoot
Jewelry at the eBay shoot
Clothes at the eBay shoot
Jennifer Inglis at the eBay fashion shoot
Model getting her makeup done at the eBay shoot
Jewelry at the eBay shoot
At the eBay fashion shoot in Stockholm
The sky over Stockholm