Charlie May ss14

I am big time obsessed with Pinterest. Besides blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... it provides a whole other realm of stalking capabilities. You can get an intimate look into people's worlds that you'd otherwise never get to see.

So happy was I, then, when I happened upon Charlie May's board of inspiration for her Spring 2014 collection earlier in the summer. It was still months until London Fashion Week when she'd show her new line but, there I was, in the comfort of my own home getting a peek into what she was thinking about.

The images struck a chord with me. Crashing waves, dripping paint, old Calvin Klein ads. Oversized knitwear, bare midriffs, concrete walls and the Spice Girls. Charlie's inspiration is varied and undoubtedly rooted in her childhood spent in Devon. I'll admit, I can waste a lot of time scrolling through Charlie's boards. They are a treasure trove of raw beauty and I thought they'd perfectly prelude a post on her spring collection that is coming up tomorrow. Go ahead and click on the photos below to make them big.

All images from Charlie's Pinterest.

Jennifer Inglis7 Comments