Black is clearly where it's at and I can firmly report that it's the only colour I want to be wearing.

Maybe it's the fact that I've finally returned home after a month of traveling in warmer climates, but I'm being forced to reconcile with the gods of Autumn. Yesterday I wore closed-toed shoes for the first time in months and, as a result, I shed a single solitary tear.

I want to wear black leather in abundance. I want to wear it draped and tied into bows. I want it to swoosh around my feet as I walk. I'm dreaming about black in all it's variations. I want to wear it on it's own and maybe, just maybe, paired with cream.

That's it! Of course, for Halloween I will dress as an Oreo.

Images from a selection on Pinterest. 

Black leather
Black details
Black draped
Jennifer Inglis7 Comments